Are You Ready for California’s Runaway Fires to Stop?

Just a few generations ago, beavers managed abundant waterways and Indigenous Peoples managed abundant plants, keeping this land wetter, greener and clearer of flammable underbrush. Sudden violence put an end to thousands of years of intelligent management, but every day is a day to choose differently. Drought and megafires are telling California...

Take Action to Lessen California Wildfire

Every neighbor is needed to help us to safety

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About Beavers

beavers and water management in California

A wetter California is a safer California. Learn how beavers used to keep this land full of water, and how they can do it again. Beavers are the answer you’ve been looking for to drought and runaway fire! Welcoming beavers back to California is something we can act on immediately. Read more.

About Traditional Brush Management

California Indigenous brush management

Indigenous ancestors lived in managed gardens – not a “wilderness”. Now, many tribes are offering to resume brush management and cultural fire practices in California to protect us all from wildfire. This is a long-term solution that can be reached, step-by-step. Let’s learn and help!

How You Can Help

It will take all of us to educate policy makers and create new regulations that restore this region's oldest safeguards against runaway fires.